How To Hire a Painting Service In Orlando?

Hiring the interior painting contractors in Orlando, Florida can be a time consuming and tedious process. The whole process needs you to be focused and alert all times, as your choice of house painters will impact the quality and outcome of the to be performed on your property. Remember one thing, you’re choosing someone to stand on ladders and scaffolding inside and around your residential property. However, the painting job requires handling of paint mixtures, stains, chemicals and many more. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a well-known, qualified painting specialist in Orlando, Florida for your painting needs. Here are a few aspects you should consider, when planning for a home renovation project:


Is the painting contractor you’re going to hire, certified? Does their business insured and certified? Have you checked out online reviews to know what their customers are saying about their qualifications? If possible, ask their clients whether they have sufficient manpower and necessary equipments for your home painting tasks.

Orlando Painting Contractor


You have to make sure that the painting contractor in Orlando, Florida you’re going to hire, has a deep and true desire for delivering quality painting work, the flawless painting skills and artwork ability.


After all, you don’t want the person for just wandering around your home, right! Make sure the painter service in Orlando, Florida you choose has some references and a successful work history throughout their working career in the painting industry.


Check out the level of experience your painting contractors have with the type of job you need, whether it’s an interior painting update or interior re-do. Do they have decades of passions that glitters much from the time you’re meeting them initially? Thus, you should need someone with more expertise and passion to perform your painting job proficiently.

Reasonable Price Quotes

Do they provide painting services at affordable price ranges? Remember, you may need to pay a bit more for the improved quality, dedication of the workers to ensure perfection and a long lasting value. With certain reliable painting contractors in Orlando, Florida, you’ll get the price and the job combined into a fair value; that can benefit both of you and them.


Make a big impact and welcoming ambiance in every room of your home by the painting contractors in Orlando, Florida of Otown Interiors. For a refreshing feel in the living room, a fun feel in the playroom and energizing fresh colors in the bedroom to ensure a peaceful good night’s sleep, choose our painting specialists to fulfill your dream home renovation projects.

Give Steve a call for a free eastimate residential painting needs in Orlando, Florida, please feel free to visit us online or call us today at 407-679- 0111.

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Qualified and Experienced House Painters At Your Service In Orlando, Florida

Have you just moved into a new house? And are you excited to decorate your new home? Or you’ve decided to spruce up the interior of your home with a fresh paint coat? Well, no matter whatever you want to do, interior house painting can be quite messy and time consuming task. Although it involves lots of hard work, but when you just sit back and admire the craftiness of the professional painters in Orlando, Florida, you’ll feel good about what you’ve got. Hence, your house painting project can turn into less of a daunting task and more a fun project with right professionals, right tools and their know-how attitude.

interior painterInterior painting of a home can be a complex process, when it comes to do in on your own. But with the help of professional painters in Orlando, Florida, you can paint the color symbolizing your personality to fit the overall structure of your home. But before taking the final decision, one should know about whether it’ll be best to paint your house interior:

Why You Should Paint Your Home?

Paint Colors To Make Rooms Appear Larger

When painting a specific room, generally you should focus more on the personality rather than considering the size of the room. Especially, if you’ve smaller rooms in your home, painting them with lighter colors can obviously make them look larger. Basically, white is the ideal alternative to offer the illusion of expansiveness. Besides, light color can be a popular choice, if you want to create a much warmer feeling.

Likewise, the larger room with lighter colors can look comfortable, as darker tones can help them look more welcoming than before. All these color combinations can differ each room from the others; instead of sticking with one color for the painting of your entire house. So it’s advisable not to think that it’s quite easy to pick a color and paint that color throughout your home.

Represent Feelings and Personality

Color preferences representing personality can sometimes not appropriate for your home. Just you have a vivacious personality; that does not mean using of vivid colors can be a great option for your home interior. However, you’ll have to consider how other people’ll react to these colors, if they visit your home most often, including your family members.

Inviting and Relaxing Ambiance

A home is a place where you can spend a lot of your time. It’s where you can get back after the prolonged hours of work to relax and unwind yourself. In fact, the interior house painting with professional house painters in Orlando, Florida can allow you put into the soothing effect, by creating the relaxing and welcoming ambiance. After all, your home is a reflection of your personality, so they will think of interior painting ideas carefully and make your home a wonderful space.

Usage Of Different Color Combination to Showcase Varieties of Looks

House painting in Orlando, Florida is something; which can be done in a wide array of ways so that it can give you a wide scope for a lot of creativity. By combining different colors, doing a mix and match, using different patterns and designs, painters in Orlando, Florida can apply some painting ideas in order to give your home, an exceptionally creative look. That’s the main reason why they will make the list of interior painting ideas on the paper first so that they can get a clear idea to understand better the areas that need special attention and they will be able to improvise on it to create the desired effects.


If you are thinking to paint innovative colors to your home right away, then it’s highly recommended to choose house the painters in Orlando, Florida at Steve Johnson’s Painting Service as they are quite professional and qualified experts and have handled each and every job with proper care and attention in detail.

If you’re a first-timer or you’ve chosen the painting services before, then don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

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What are the Desirable Qualities of a Residential Painter in Orlando Florida?

Selection of a contractor for your residential painting in Orlando should not be done merely on guesswork. There may be a great many number of professional painters in Orlando, Florida, but you can’t choose them randomly. Rather, you should check them for a few professional qualities that will add to your painting experience.

So which qualities are always desired in a painter in Orlando, Florida? In this post you will get to know about the qualities of a painting contractor that would add value to your project in Orlando, FL.

All professional residential painters are honest and they don’t show any carelessness that would prevent you from getting the best painting results. Of course, there are many painters in Orlando, Florida who offer to work at unimaginably low prices but can’t assure good results. They may even work with fast speed, but painting perfection is what they are less likely to achieve in the end.

Quality painters in Orlando, Florida may discuss about your requirements, but can’t even assure that you will get custom painting service that would last for many years. Their efficiency and experience will have to be weighed especially if you want your residential painting to be done fabulously. You will also have to consider a few other qualities in your Orlando painter which are as follows:

Quality paint materials, supplies and tools – Reliable painting contractors don’t compromise when it comes to quality and finish of your paint. They recommend quality paint products and supplies for a perfect finish. These paint materials and tools may be expensive, but can save you from paint damage in the long run.

Correct procedures of painting, including preparation, clean up, and clear out the mess – A quality painter in Orlando, Florida not just paints, but also prepares the surface by taking the peeling and cracking paint off it. He also cleans up properly and throws out the debris after applying paint on it. With its painting service, you can be saved from the hassle and cost of cleaning and prepping.

                                                                                  Orlando Painting Contractor

Great attention and fine craftsmanship – The true painting professional will maintain the painting speed, while giving proper attention to your desired details. He will also cover up the furniture in your house and take care not to paint the windows and doors when they are shut. From being careful in the every phase of painting, he will be concerned to accomplish your job successfully.

Accurate time estimation– A professional painter in Orlando, Florida will review your project requirement and tell about how much time is required to finish it, unless any unpredictable situation arises.

Warranty offer – It is another crucial factor to check for in your Orlando Florida painter. A professional painting contractor will give you a warranty on the done work, preferably in a written form.

License and insurance – When the painting contractor is licensed and insured, you can be confident of getting quality service from him and without the risk of paying for his medical expenses in case any injury happens to him during the work.

Looking for the best contractor in Orlando, Florida for residential painting need might seem like a huge task initially. However, checking all the above qualities will let you find the right painting contractor with minimal time and efforts. You will never end up working with a professional who is careless, inefficient or inexperienced. Instead, you can find a painter with quality tools, better performance, work guarantee, insurance and license.

The residential painter in Orlando Florida of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service can qualify to all these qualities and prove to be a great choice for your painting job, no matter whether small or large. Call us at 407-679-0111 or contact online for a free consultation today!

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The Most Appealing Interior Painter on Your Budget

Need an efficient interior painter to spruce up your home’s curb appeal? Searching for a commercial painting specialist to remodel your worn out exterior in Orlando Fl? We have interior and commercial painting specialists to serve your coloring needs in Orlando, Maitland, Winter Park and other areas in central Florida.

We are recognized as the most preferred interior and exterior painting company in Orlando. Our team of painters are able to accomplish your interior work as per specified standards. You can call us to secure flawless results in drywall repairing and texturing at anytime.

If you use our Orlando interior painters for residential projects you can be sure of getting your expected result with high quality materials. Remember, you may feel a lot of disruption in your daily routine at the time of interior painting no matter whether it is just one room or the whole interior of your home. However, our competent painters assure to reduce your discomfort by keeping things organized, communicating personally with you and by thoroughly painting and washing your home interior to help unnecessary marks wash away and become less visible on your wall or floor.

Why is our interior painting service right for you?

  • We deliver a free quote based on your home inspection. Our qualified painting contractors charge after perfect estimation of your project.
  • You can feel safe with our skilled and experienced painters on Orlando, Fl.  Each of them has been checked and cleared of any criminal background.
  • We assure you long lasting results based on the knowledge of our painters and quality of products we use.
  • We cover up your furniture along with flooring and do pressure washing if required.
  • We will address your individual concerns and serve your interior designing needs.
  • We have professional staffs to fulfill your advanced coloring needs all the time.
  • You can ask for guidance on color contrast and scheme for your home exterior or interior.
  • From removing blinds and drapes to taking down mirrors and pictures, we will ensure everything before starting with interior painting in Orlando Fl.

To get a pleasant and exciting experience in your home interior or exterior painting job, call us at 407-679-0111

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Drywall and Interior Painters for Homeowners in Orlando Fl

Is your home or office interior getting damaged due to water leaking or moisture problem? Do you want to replace its worn out look with a fresh coat of paint? You need expert interior painters for removal of paint from your home interior, ceiling, decks, bathroom cabinet, kitchen tile and peeling surface of wall. Our specialized interior painters will not only cover up the damage with a fine coat of quality paint but also make it less apparent with a professional finish.

We are one of the qualified drywall and interior painters serving across the Orlando Fl. As a custom painting company we carry out high standard paintings for both the homeowners and commercial users in the Winter Park, Orlando and Maitland. We also offer personal painting solutions within your budget. Our team of specialized painters can be used to apply your own interior painting suggestions, color background, and budget. Based on our 28 years of experience in residential and commercial interior, we can give you cent percent satisfaction in the Orlando Fl area.

Our expert interior painters have worked for everyone including store owners, hoteliers, homeowners and church communities in the Orlando Fl. We believe that your interior should look perfect for long period and not just for a few months or years. That’s why we offer reliable and flexible painting solutions on your request. Our drywall repair and interior painting specialists respect your time no matter whether you are a resident or business man. You can be rest assured that our group of painters will show up on time and surpass your expectation. Each of them will be careful about not making overspray or spilling the paint on the floor or furniture. Our professionals are customer friendly and background tested. To learn about their efficiency and other qualities

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Custom and Professional Interior Painters Serving Beyond Orlando Fl

Do you need a professional interior painter to address your residential or commercial coloring needs beyond Orlando Fl? Are you seeking for perfection in your painted home, office, and rental apartment or lease property? Can’t you find a professional to implement designer inspired painting ideas in your living room or the entire home? Our group of skilled interior painters has the knowledge and equipment to accomplish your jobs perfectly all the time. We are led by exterior and interior color specialists who can handle everything from color selection to paint coating on walls and ceiling. Whether it is trim painting or giving a uniform look to the whole interior area of your home, our experienced interior painters can do a brilliant job in and around Orlando, Fl. Our professionals work to ensure that your home of office looks excellent with paint of your choice.

At Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, we focus on to paint your home with great care and attention. Our professional set up and huge experience makes us paint your home the way you like and save you from experiencing any kind of damage in this process. To make sure your interior or exterior home painting is done properly, we are available in the Maitland, Winter Park, Orlando and many other locations in Florida City all the time.

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No matter whether it is a small or big job of custom residential or commercial painting in Orlando, Fl, you can find our contractors without hassle. They are dedicated to finish your interior painting with high degree of perfection. We are one of the best interior painting contractors working in the Orlando, Fl for more than twenty eight years. Although we handle drywall texturing and repair along with designer based interior painting projects but you can ask our painting contractors to assist you in growing brightness of your rental or lease properties with effective coloring ideas. Each of them is capable to perform some of the best quality interior painting jobs in the Orlando, Fl area. All of your work will be done to high standard so that you can have maximum satisfaction.

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Take Help of O-Town Interior Painting Contractor in Orlando FL

Do you need a professional interior painting contractor in Orlando, Fl for your house coloring needs? Have not you got any suitable contractors to manage your painting jobs in a desirable manner? You can ask for our painting service to give a custom feel to your home interior as it is professionally designed to make the job as trouble free as possible. Whether you want to paint a single room or the entire home or repair your dry wall, it can bring great disruption in your daily schedule. We have trained painting contractor in Orlando Fl to communicate, organize everything and minimize the hassle. Our focus is on to paint your home interior properly and ensure designer finish with the least possible disturbance.

We have been serving the interior painting and dry wall repairing needs of a large number of people residing in Orlando and the nearby areas for many years. Our specialized painting contractors are available to offer you a great variety of painting service including drywall repair and designer painting.

Our contractors have performed many interior painting jobs successfully. Whether you have a single or multiple rooms to paint in your house, we have staff to address it immediately and give you the highest satisfaction. Our contractor can give you advice regarding the kind of paint that would suit your room or home the most and help you with selection of colors and design. From estimating the quantity of colors to be used and providing you with a detailed account of the possible expenditure and the time required for completion, we will be responsible for all. Once you approve us for your job, our contractor comes to prepare the surface for classic painting results. He will repair any defect in the wall, cover up the floor along with indoor plants and furniture and remove electrical wire connections for safety.

If you want someone to apply the paint to your interior properly and give it a professional finish with greater ease and comfort, then contact our painting contractor Orlando FL through Otown Interiors.

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Interior Painting Getting Started

When most people think of interior painting they usually are thinking of just walls. I receive calls all the time from customers asking for a price on painting an interior home over the phone. I try to explain that every house is different and the scope of work is always unique for every house. Then I’m told that the house is average and what is the average cost.

Sooo… That is why I’m writing this blog.

The first thing to ask about an interior painting bid is….Do you want the ceilings painted? Usually there is a pause then a – I don’t know what do you think? Well I think that if they need to be done they should be done first. A good way to tell [if you want them white] is to hold a piece of white paper near the ceiling and compare.  If you paint the ceilings first you can save a lot of money and get a better looking job .

Most people that are trying to save money [and who isn’t] will try and paint them with a roller and brush. This will work for smooth finish bath or kitchen ceiling with enamels. If you have a popcorn or textured ceiling using cheaper grade paint and spraying them will improve the results. Never try and paint over water or smoke stains, they need to be primed with a pigmented shellac based primer. Also any patching , retexturing or masking should be done before before any painting is done. For the do-it yourselfers out there this part of the painting job should be done by a professional painter. This will save loads of grief if you have never done this before and lets you focus on my next blog – interior walls.

Oh- one thing I would like to comment on is the over the phone bids. My bids are always free , but over the phone my guess is $200.00 . Then when I get there I give them a written estimate for the exact cost.

Thank you for reading ,

Steve Johnson

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