Interior Paint Color Ideas to Sell Your Orlando Home for Top Dollars

Whether the market is leaping or slowing to a tragic crawl, if you are planning to put your home for sale, the more you can do to make it move-in ready, the better your possibilities of selling the property and getting top value for it. 

Interior paint colors play an immense role in how desirable your home will look to prospective buyers. You may have dark walls in the guest room and bright pink walls in the playroom because that is the way you like it, but when the time comes to put your home for sale the secret is to form a blank canvas. That way, people can actually envision themselves in the space, without picturing you there instead. 

This does not mean to paint every wall white though. Here are a few tips on what paint colors work best in every room when you are planning to sell your Orlando house. 

The kitchen:

When selling your home, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room that buyers want to have a look at. Most homebuyers are  looking for highly updated and functional kitchen space. Taking that into consideration, if you are planning for any updates in the kitchen, ensure you select a wall color that’ll sell. Blue is a favourite of many interior designers and residential interior painters in Orlando


Blue fits in the bathroom perfectly as well. According to experts, light pale blue to soft periwinkle bathrooms are favoured, and houses with bathrooms in these shades sold for more than $5,000 more than anticipated. 

Living rooms:

Living room is the space where pale taupe, light beige, or oatmeal-colored walls are preferred. 


Yet another room in your house that goes pretty well with blue. Cadet blue, to be exact. This color aids houses bringing a higher value. 

Dining room:

When it comes to choosing the best dining room paint color, you want to get a shade that sets the space’s mood. Since this room is for special occasions, guests and transient use, don’t hesitate to go bold with color to set a graceful & dramatic tone. Lighter tones work well, too; neutrals are inviting & comfortable. You can go neutral and muted or go bold with reds and deep blues. Blue complements well with gold and orange shades while red makes greenery in the room pop. 

If you have decided to sell your Orlando house, take the time to make a stunning blank canvas with tempting colors so that you cannot just sell your property faster, but also get more money for it. Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service if you want their professional painters in Orlando Fl to help you get your house ready for the market.

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