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Whether you are looking to paint your home’s interior or just a single room, nothing beats a professional touch. That is the reason why so many businesses and homeowners turn to experienced interior house painters in Orlando. We will make sure that every detail of your next painting project is done exactly right. We will take care of everything from expert color consultation to repairs (if any) before we begin painting. That way, your home will have a look you can be proud of without the stress of mess and hassle of a DIY project.

If you are on the lookout to hire professional interior painting contractors Orlando, call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. Our polite, professional, and courteous staff would be glad to assist you in every possible way they can. Our knowledgeable staff can answer your queries that you may have. We can schedule a consultation today.

At Steve Johnson’s Painting Servive we provide you with a thorough free in-home estimate and take the time to explain the cost and process of painting. We do what you ask us to and go above and beyond in every project paying very close attention to minute details. From a rough estimate to painting cost breakdown to the final walkthrough, we will do an outstanding job. We show up on time every day and work with you and your schedule to get the job done promptly.

Are your current colors too busy or loud? A little suffocating? At Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, we can completely change the mood, personality, and lighting of your home. When it comes to your ideal living space, it is important to consider the tone you are trying to set. We have years of experience putting together beautiful finishes that can be personalized to your personality. Give us a call today!

We understand hiring the best interior painting contractors in Orlando can make all the difference. So, whether it’s a large painting contract or a small home interior painting project, we take as much pride in every work we take upon. If you are painting a dining room ceiling or stairwell, we are just as precise and detail-oriented on small home painting projects as we are on large interior painting contracts.

The painters at Steve Johnson’s Painting Service will exceed your expectations in painting. We offer numerous services that are important to make sure that your interior painting job is successful. We have more than 35 years of experience in Orlando, hence, are familiar with every aspect of interior house painting jobs.

We value every customer and hence strive to provide the best possible painting services Orlando. We will communicate everything that needs to be done, and also, help you to select paint types and the right color to achieve your vision of your home.

So, get in touch with our professional interior painting contractors Orlando today and rejuvenate your residence with our superior quality painting services.

Residential Interior Painters Orlando – Give Your Home The Look & Touch It Deserves

Giving your home walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the amazing ways to update and beautifully transform your rooms.

And nothing beats the touch of a professional painter when you are thinking of repainting your home and infusing life into your dull-looking walls. That’s why so many homeowners turn to experienced residential interior painters from Orlando. With our use of high-quality paints and finishes, we’ll make sure that every detail of your next painting project is done exactly right. 

Residential Interior Painters Orlando

Professional House Painters in Orlando

When it comes to painting homes in the Orlando area, our professional residential painters know that stunning results come from meticulous attention to detail. That’s why our house painters use a systematic process that includes expert color consultation, fair estimates, and a detailed walk-through once the painting project is over. That way, we can make sure we have delivered smooth finishes, crisp corners, and long-lasting results. Our professional painters will also prepare your walls before we begin painting, including making any small repairs that may be required to make the process even hassle-free and smoother.

Once the walls are dried, we clean up the area and walk you through your transformed rooms to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Premium Paints and Finishes

To make sure we deliver professional painting results to Orlando area homeowners, our professional painters rely on premium quality paints and finishes. We use durable, high-quality paints and finishes to make sure our strict quality standards are met. The paints are resilient to peeling, wear, and discoloration – for results you can count on.

OTown Interiors Interior Painting Service

Prior to interior painting, we also provide the below-mentioned services:

  • Drywall or plaster repairs
  • Site cleanup upon completion
  • Sanding
  • Patching and caulking
  • Minor repairs
  • Taping off edges
  • Protective coverings of furniture and floors

Contact us today and let our professional painters help you get your home painted the way you desire.

Why Choose OTown Interiors?

  • We bring you 34 years of interior designing experience
  • Top-quality work and products certified with WIOC
  • An experienced designing team
  • Best residential interior design award winner
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Free consultation regarding interior quality, space, budget, etc.

Transforming the interior of your home and taking on those large residential interior painting projects is easy with the right interior painting company. Steve Johnson’s Painting Service is a professional painting company with 34 years of experience to provide high-quality, professional painting services. Whether it’s just doing a full interior painting or a new accent wall, our expert team provides services to create a beautiful interior painting job. With a fresh coat of paint, the interior of your home can get completely transformed and look brand new again. We are professional residential interior painters. You will not regret your decision.

Residential Interior Painting – The Best Benefits

Interior painting of homes not only makes your home look attractive but it also comes with some of the astonishing hidden benefits. Are you planning to get your home repainted in Orlando? Then you must get in touch with professional and reputable painters to achieve the best possible results. At O Town Interiors we are one of the most experienced and expert residential interior painters in Orlando. We carry out each residential interior painting project with the utmost professionalism to ensure that our customers get their desired painting services.

We are experienced in the field for years now, we have brought you some of the best benefits of applying a fresh coat of paint to your home’s interior.

Residential Interior Painters Orlando


Over time our home’s paints become dull and the surfaces face a lot of wear and tear making it look old and monotonous. Do you know according to some studies monotonous-looking homes can affect the mental health of people living in the home negatively? Yes, that’s true. Now recall, when is the last time you got your walls painted? Think of all the tortures these walls have experienced till today – from absorbing light, hanging things to accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime, your walls might have gone through a lot. Such walls can wear down quickly.

By updating your walls with some high-quality paint you can get your walls clean and protected for the coming few years. With our professional painting services, we can make your walls look new and refreshed. With a new coat of paint, we can offer a new layer of protection against moisture. For your information, we would like to tell you that moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth and can even cause extensive damage to your walls. But by applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls can help seal out moisture which reduces the added weight which can put stress on the structural integrity of your home. Moreover, it can help repel all the dirt, allergens, and dust making your home clean and hygienic.

Residential Interior Painting -


Apart from providing you a newly protected surface, newly painted walls can enhance your home’s curb appeal along with its value. Painting your home is one of the best and affordable ways to upgrade your house. Also choosing the right colors can make your home look its best.


Whether you are in a rented house or you own a house, the paint of your home determines your personality. Therefore, you must paint your home with the colors you love to have peace of mind. Our expert residential interior painters in Orlando will help you in choosing the right color of paint to make your home represent your personality the best way possible. Whether you want to feel energized, happy or royal we can help you decide the color that best defines your mood.

So get in touch with us today and get your home painted with the colors your love to feel happy and positive. contact us today!

Expert Tips for Interior House Painting in Winter Season

When it comes to interior painting, usually people assume that it should be done during the spring and summer months. But you will be surprised to know that there are several benefits of carrying out interior painting in the winter months. Why? Because during the winter months there is less humidity and hence your paint will dry comparatively faster and better in the colder months.

We at O Town Interiors is one of the leading interior house painters in Orlando, have brought you some of the best expert tips for interior house painting for the winter season.

Interior House Painters Orlando

Prepare Your Space Well

When you are planning for giving your home’s interior a fresh and new look by carrying out interior painting, it is crucial for you to take ample time to prepare your space to be re-colored. It will help you make the interior painting job smooth and easier. Our expert interior painters in Orlando Fl often suggest our clients carry out the following things:

Get your surfaces cleaned and free from dust and dirt. We understand that you are eager to begin interior painting however, removing dust and dirt from your surface can ensure a smooth surface.

Keep the protection materials in place.

Once you have cleaned up your surfaces, take a look at some products to protect the surface:

  • Drop cloths for protecting your furniture and floors
  • Surface protection board that works well for hard surfaces such as countertops and floors
  • Masking film and masking paper for windows, doors, and cabinets

Begin With Ceiling

As far as painting a large interior space is concerned, it is obvious to feel overwhelmed and not understanding from where to begin! But as one of the most reputable interior painters in Orlando Fl, we can help you plan your home interior painting project efficiently. We understand that dripping, spilling, and splattering are an inevitable part of any painting job, therefore we carry out the job in the correct order. We begin with painting the ceiling first, then the walls and the trim at the end. And if you want to get your floor painted, we can carry it out at the last.

Even Strokes

For large spaces and walls, we always use a roller. By using an extension pole we also speed up your paint project dramatically. For ensuring to offer you a smooth and even surface we make sure to:

  • Cover the roller with paint completely before beginning.
  • Remove all excess paint for avoiding drips.
  • While using the roller to apply paint we follow the same pattern throughout and the most common pattern we follow is in the shape of an “M” or “W”. We fill in the left-out areas without lifting the roller to ensure consistent and smooth painting.
  • Once we are done painting the entire area, we carefully pick the roller up so that no mark is left on the surface. Then we re-apply the paint on the roller, move to other unpainted areas, and repeat the process.

After all the painting job is done, we allow the paint to dry completely which often takes 24 hours. And at the end, we clean up all the mess and properly dispose of the paint wash out.

So if you want your home to get a new and fresh look, and looking for interior house painters in Orlando FL, then contact us today!

Interior House Painting Mistakes That May Cost You Big

Painting the interior of your house is the best thing you can do to bring new life to any room. The issue is that many people consider interior house painting as a DIY project because they believe it’s simple & less expensive than hiring professional interior house painters in Orlando. Many end up with horrendous results by making silly mistakes. Once the mistake has been done, it usually demand more extensive work at a greater expense to fix things. Listed below are some of the common interior painting mistakes DIYer makes:

Failing to prepare the walls:

Quite often homeowners jump directly to painting without considering the dirt or any imperfections on the walls that need to be taken care of. Paint does not conceal major blemishes, and some sort of dirt finds their way through the paint even after it’s dried out. Prior to applying the paint, ensure the walls are clean, and that there’re no chipped paint. Look for any holes or cracks, and sand the patching compound as soon as it get dry to create an even, smooth surface.

Interior House Painters Orlando

Using poor quality painting equipment:

If you use cheap brushes and rollers for the paint application, don’t anticipate professional looking results. The equipment you use to apply the paint must be sturdy enough to apply the paint evenly on your walls. The last and worst thing you wish is your paint brush come apart in the middle of the paint job.

Using wrong paint:

You can buy interior paints in a range of mixes & finishes, and each kind is right for certain types of surfaces. Some paints have primer mixed in, whereas others need you to apply primer prior to applying the paint. Also, you need to know whether to purchase a flat finish or a glossy finish to obtain the outcome you wish. High traffic areas perform better with satin or glossy finishes, unless you pick a paint that’s made especially for high traffic areas. In the event, you are not certain which kind of paint to purchase, ask professional Interior House Painters in Orlando for help.

Interior home painting can be a lot more complicated task than you imagine. The best result can be accomplished when you hire painters who specialized in interior painting. Here at Steve Johnson’s Painting Service we’d love to give the attention to detail required for optimal interior painting results. Since customer satisfaction is our first priority all our works are guaranteed. For any interior painting related works feel free to reach us on +1 (407) 679 0111.