Top 4 Living Room Paint Color Trends

Deciding on the ideal living room paint colours can be a big challenge for most homeowners. Especially since it’s the room in your house that acts as a social space where you bond with your loved ones and entertain guests. 

To make things a little less complicated, we have interviewed one of the best interior painters in Orlando FL and asked him about the best living room paint colors:

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Black, white and powder blue:

Of course, the classic mixture of white and black has been one of the most lasting living room colour schemes through the ages. But you can offer it a revitalizing twist by incorporating a rich powder blue shade to the mix. 

Consider painting the walls a crisp powder blue colour to match with white and black furnishing in your living room. Also you can integrate shades of blue through living room accessories such as rugs, pillows, and decorative objects. 

Rouge & cream:

As far as living room colour ideas are concerned, lighter shades of beige, white and cream are often very popular for good reason as they help make any room look brighter and bigger. If you are opting for a creamy interior, make your living room to standout by incorporating red details to the space. 

Add crimson accents such as side chairs, cushion, textiles and pillow. Finish off with warm golden details and your living room colour scheme will look bold yet elegant. 

Faded pink:

Whether you like it or not, pink makes for fascinating living room colour ideas of late. A faded, muted pink is an excellent way to incorporate a little feminine touch to a living room, which you can bring in through patterned couches, chairs, pillows, and layered rugs. 

As the faded pink is also a flexible colour, you can pick any colour to pair with it. If you wish a sophisticated and elegant feel, pair it with either cream or white with pops or graphic black. 

Mint green & pink:

Mint green & pink make for the ideal living room colours for making a calm, cool, and alluring living room area. These pastel shades are fresh & emit a cozy and warm feeling in any space. 

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Interior Paint Color Ideas to Sell Your Orlando Home for Top Dollars

Whether the market is leaping or slowing to a tragic crawl, if you are planning to put your home for sale, the more you can do to make it move-in ready, the better your possibilities of selling the property and getting top value for it. 

Interior paint colors play an immense role in how desirable your home will look to prospective buyers. You may have dark walls in the guest room and bright pink walls in the playroom because that is the way you like it, but when the time comes to put your home for sale the secret is to form a blank canvas. That way, people can actually envision themselves in the space, without picturing you there instead. 

This does not mean to paint every wall white though. Here are a few tips on what paint colors work best in every room when you are planning to sell your Orlando house. 

The kitchen:

When selling your home, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room that buyers want to have a look at. Most homebuyers are  looking for highly updated and functional kitchen space. Taking that into consideration, if you are planning for any updates in the kitchen, ensure you select a wall color that’ll sell. Blue is a favourite of many interior designers and residential interior painters in Orlando


Blue fits in the bathroom perfectly as well. According to experts, light pale blue to soft periwinkle bathrooms are favoured, and houses with bathrooms in these shades sold for more than $5,000 more than anticipated. 

Living rooms:

Living room is the space where pale taupe, light beige, or oatmeal-colored walls are preferred. 


Yet another room in your house that goes pretty well with blue. Cadet blue, to be exact. This color aids houses bringing a higher value. 

Dining room:

When it comes to choosing the best dining room paint color, you want to get a shade that sets the space’s mood. Since this room is for special occasions, guests and transient use, don’t hesitate to go bold with color to set a graceful & dramatic tone. Lighter tones work well, too; neutrals are inviting & comfortable. You can go neutral and muted or go bold with reds and deep blues. Blue complements well with gold and orange shades while red makes greenery in the room pop. 

If you have decided to sell your Orlando house, take the time to make a stunning blank canvas with tempting colors so that you cannot just sell your property faster, but also get more money for it. Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service if you want their professional painters in Orlando Fl to help you get your house ready for the market.

How to Choose a Professional Interior Painters in Orlando Fl

Painting your home is an overwhelming decision. Deciding which color to choose and who to hire is a brainstorming process. That is why it is essential to choose Orlando interior painters that will deliver high-quality results you will be happy to see every day.

When it comes to your home interior painting, it is recommended to hire professional interior painters Orlando Fl as opposed to attempting the task yourself. There are numerous benefits you can reap from hiring professional interior painters Orlando Fl.

But choosing a professional painter can be difficult when there are so many options. With as many painters as there are colors, you want to make sure you choose one that will deliver results you will be happy seeing everyday. Researching a reliable painting service provider company in Orlando and hiring professional painters in Orlando can make all the difference between having a beautiful home or dealing with a headache.

By taking time to read reviews, learn more about the company, and ask questions, you will be able to feel confident about your choice when diving into the painting project.

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Review the Testimonials

There are several factors to consider when choosing an Orlando interior painter. Customer reviews can reveal a lot about how a company operates and the satisfaction that previous customers may or may not have had. And when checking reviews look for the most recent ones. A review from seven days ago will be more beneficial than one from five months ago as it will better reflect the current painting team and their work. Taking note of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers can be a great indicator of how you may end up feeling about their work.

Get Answer To All Your Queries

As you narrow down your options in choosing Orlando professional painters, ask all your questions to the painting company that you have shortlisted or done a consultation WITH. After conducting a search, you will still be left with several questions that can be answered by a professional who works for the company. Whether through a phone call or an email, you can inquire about the services of a professional painting company that will help solidify your decision that whether or not the company you are choosing will meet your expectations and needs of your painting project.

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Not only contacting the company will help you get answers to your questions, but will also give you a feel for their customer service and how they interact with their customers. And this can be one of the main deciding factors.

Know About the Company History and Policy

While customer reviews are the best indicators of a professional painter’s work, knowing about their company history can also be very telling. If a company has been in business for several years, it can be a great opportunity to explore the policies and licenses the company holds. This can be a great way to know the quality and experience that a company has and the standards they meet to operate.

Choose Your Professional Interior Painters Orlando Fl

After conducting extensive research for your professional painter, it’s time to make your choice. At O Town Interiors, our professional painters have the expertise to guarantee you the results that you will be happy with. From color consultation to clean-up, our trained professional painters will go above and beyond to complete your painting project. Contact us today!

Home Interior Painting Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a home or moving to a new space is both stressful and exciting, and it provides an opportunity for a fresh start.  What’s a better way for an incredible transition than to update the interior of your new abode with a fresh coat of paint.  We certainly understand that urge here at O Town Interiors, the best Orlando painting company.

So, if you are considering taking advantage of your home transition by painting the interior spaces, we would love to share some tips with you to make the most of your new residence. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you choose paint colors and accent walls while making your next big move. And as always, you can rely upon O Town Interiors to paint your walls so that you can focus on preparing for your new home.

We are one of the best painting companies in Orlando and provide the highest quality interior painting service in the north Orlando area. We have been providing custom and specialized house painting services in Orlando FL, Winter Park, Maitland, and other central Florida locations over the last 34 years. Call our Orlando painting company today to schedule your next residential interior painting project.

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Now let’s dive into those tips!

Choose a suitable theme

Every house has its unique character. You might have a modern home with distinct looking lighting fixtures, luxury hand railings, and banisters, or a rustic log cabin with brass fixtures and a stone fireplace. Regardless, you can highlight the distinct character in your home with a painting theme that speaks to its unique feel. You can consider coffee browns, rust colors, dark greys, white, off-white, and other timeless paints for a modern interior. Have a keen look at your new home and decide what kind of paint will go well with the architectural theme of your home.

Make your furniture the focal point

Whether you are getting new furniture or bringing in your current collection, you can rely on your furniture pieces to help set the tone of your home. Get a handful of paint swatches and place them against the key furniture pieces that you will be using in your new home. Your furniture can be your guiding light when you are stuck searching for the right paints.

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Room size

The room size can play a major role in selecting the right paint. Do not go with dark color paints as they will make a small room appear even smaller. And do not apply loud or bold colors for larger rooms as bold colors spread over a large surface and can be gaudy. Go with bright colors for small rooms to add a bit of an illusion of airiness and space. For large rooms, go with quieter colors.

We Make Your Home Transition Easy!

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The Best Interior Painting Contractors Orlando | O Town Interiors

Whether you are looking to paint your home’s interior or just a single room, nothing beats a professional touch. That is the reason why so many businesses and homeowners turn to experienced interior house painters in Orlando. We will make sure that every detail of your next painting project is done exactly right. We will take care of everything from expert color consultation to repairs (if any) before we begin painting. That way, your home will have a look you can be proud of without the stress of mess and hassle of a DIY project.

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At Steve Johnson’s Painting Servive we provide you with a thorough free in-home estimate and take the time to explain the cost and process of painting. We do what you ask us to and go above and beyond in every project paying very close attention to minute details. From a rough estimate to painting cost breakdown to the final walkthrough, we will do an outstanding job. We show up on time every day and work with you and your schedule to get the job done promptly.

Are your current colors too busy or loud? A little suffocating? At Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, we can completely change the mood, personality, and lighting of your home. When it comes to your ideal living space, it is important to consider the tone you are trying to set. We have years of experience putting together beautiful finishes that can be personalized to your personality. Give us a call today!

We understand hiring the best interior painting contractors in Orlando can make all the difference. So, whether it’s a large painting contract or a small home interior painting project, we take as much pride in every work we take upon. If you are painting a dining room ceiling or stairwell, we are just as precise and detail-oriented on small home painting projects as we are on large interior painting contracts.

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