Top Trending Wall Colors For 2022

Are you looking to revamp your Orlando home? If yes, then the best thing you can do to revamp your home is add some flashy colors. Selecting the right wall color is the most important decision when it comes to decorating your home.

Wall colors are an important aspect of the decor and can play a big role in the visual appeal of any room. So, let’s talk about the trending & top wall colors for 2022.

Earthly Tones:

Let’s begin with some browns, the go-to colors when it comes to interior wall painting. Along with nature-inspired hues & lush greens, these colors take centre stage. These pastoral shades present a natural look to the interiors and are ideal for homeowners who want simple vibes in their homes.

Shades such as sand, cocoa and even chocolate feature the same natural touch. At the same time, colors such as rust, terra-cotta red, burgundy and some deep red shades boast a more eternal feel to the visual of your walls.

Vibrant Vogue:

Bold colors have always been in the trend. Bright colors are professed as bright because of their hues. When you incorporate warm & bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow, it naturally adds up the whole room’s lighting.

Blooming Blues:

No other colors have got more of a soothing effect than blue? It injects new life to your interior décor in an unbelievable way. Calming tones of blue fosters a sense of serenity, especially those which are effective in spaces where you can unwind. Blue colors are also widely used in study rooms or office spaces and are critical in enhancing productivity.

Warm White:

Whites have always been the classic option for nearly everything. They look clean & minimal and appear perfect without much styling. Whites are a big yes, when it comes to wall colors.

Whether you want an aesthetic coastal look or a beautiful boho look, with white you will never go wrong. The soothing and refreshing warm white infuses a refined look when supplemented with wooden furnishing and a few unique decors. And if you like creating masterworks, start painting over your seamless white canvas!

Wall colors are an important aspect of the decor and play a big role in the visual appeal of a room. If you are not sure which wall colors to opt with, our interior house painters in Orlando can help. Feel free to call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service at +1 (407) 679 0111!