Residential Interior Painters Orlando – Give Your Home The Look & Touch It Deserves

Giving your home walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the amazing ways to update and beautifully transform your rooms.

And nothing beats the touch of a professional painter when you are thinking of repainting your home and infusing life into your dull-looking walls. That’s why so many homeowners turn to experienced residential interior painters from Orlando. With our use of high-quality paints and finishes, we’ll make sure that every detail of your next painting project is done exactly right. 

Residential Interior Painters Orlando

Professional House Painters in Orlando

When it comes to painting homes in the Orlando area, our professional residential painters know that stunning results come from meticulous attention to detail. That’s why our house painters use a systematic process that includes expert color consultation, fair estimates, and a detailed walk-through once the painting project is over. That way, we can make sure we have delivered smooth finishes, crisp corners, and long-lasting results. Our professional painters will also prepare your walls before we begin painting, including making any small repairs that may be required to make the process even hassle-free and smoother.

Once the walls are dried, we clean up the area and walk you through your transformed rooms to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Premium Paints and Finishes

To make sure we deliver professional painting results to Orlando area homeowners, our professional painters rely on premium quality paints and finishes. We use durable, high-quality paints and finishes to make sure our strict quality standards are met. The paints are resilient to peeling, wear, and discoloration – for results you can count on.

OTown Interiors Interior Painting Service

Prior to interior painting, we also provide the below-mentioned services:

  • Drywall or plaster repairs
  • Site cleanup upon completion
  • Sanding
  • Patching and caulking
  • Minor repairs
  • Taping off edges
  • Protective coverings of furniture and floors

Contact us today and let our professional painters help you get your home painted the way you desire.

Why Choose OTown Interiors?

  • We bring you 34 years of interior designing experience
  • Top-quality work and products certified with WIOC
  • An experienced designing team
  • Best residential interior design award winner
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Free consultation regarding interior quality, space, budget, etc.

Transforming the interior of your home and taking on those large residential interior painting projects is easy with the right interior painting company. Steve Johnson’s Painting Service is a professional painting company with 34 years of experience to provide high-quality, professional painting services. Whether it’s just doing a full interior painting or a new accent wall, our expert team provides services to create a beautiful interior painting job. With a fresh coat of paint, the interior of your home can get completely transformed and look brand new again. We are professional residential interior painters. You will not regret your decision.

Creative Ideas for Interior Paint Works in Orlando

One of the best things that make your home your true paradise is using your unique vision. Interior paint is one of the best aspects that will help you achieve and a small change can define who you are.

However, your professional Orlando painting company will help you out. They will provide interior painting contractors in Orlando to suggest you useful tips and inspirations on your paint work. Before that, here are a few interior paint ideas that define your personality better:

Wall –

The most obvious choice for interior paint is adding color to your walls. You should never afraid to use a color that goes outside the norm, if you live in a house for a while. Again if you want to flip the house or sell it very soon, neutral colors are simply the best.

Even, you can add an accent wall with a pop of color to brighten up the entire space. Otherwise, paint a design or mural on a wall that your visitors will notice when they entering a room.

Furniture –

Do you think that painting walls using unique colors isn’t your thing? Why don’t you opt for a bright color and paint the end table, dresser or table! However, there is a huge availability of paint varieties and unique colors in stains; so choose the color you’d like and what you’re most likely to use the furniture piece for.

Again while painting your kitchen table; you will need something durable that stands up to the spills than if you add a bit of color to a table that works well against knick-knacks.

Kitchen cabinets

You might be thinking of adding black granite countertops to your kitchen cabinets – which is a current rage. But what about thinking outside the box a bit? Instead of painting old cabinets with white, what if you go with a color that is unique. Most exceptional trends include cabinets in a deep navy blue with gray colored tiles on your backsplash.


Add a pop of color to ceiling and maintain the walls in a neutral color. This implies, you have to add a fresh color without overwhelming the entire room. If you sit with friends, you and your friends notice the color barely; but it does make a statement when someone walks inside a room. Consider white colored walls and a pop of orange or lime green on the ceiling.

Bottom Line –

One of the important things to create one-of-its-kind look is to not be afraid of using it. If things don’t go on the way you expected, you can paint back over your projects again. There are so many innovative ways to put your stamp on a home and make it unique.

At Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, our interior painting contractors in Orlando want that every homeowner should feel confident in making the most out of their space. To schedule an appointment with our Orlando painting company, feel free to email us right now on

Know The Ultimate Advantages of Hiring Painters in Orlando Fl

Most of the homeowners in Orlando get baffled when it comes to renovate or refurbish their interior area. They can’t decide whether to go for professional painters in Orlando, Fl or give it a DIY try. What they just want is fine class touch and finish in interior paint job and don’t like to see it in dreadful or messy condition. The actual fact is, each of these homeowners doesn’t have real idea of how much effort goes into the interior painting work and what precautions to take in order to make the paint look perfect on the wall without any weathering or worn out sign or even no idea about  which paint material to use or  even the Quantity. It is the professional knowledge and experience of painters in Orlando, Fl that can always ensure perfection and fineness in house interior painting jobs which are not limited to applying primer and paint to the wall. So, if you don’t like to spoil your home interior look with unprofessional paint touch and want to avoid the hassle of redoing it with a professional painter in Orlando Fl, you should overview the project requirements and find out the best painter in local area who can handle it effectively and at the most affordable cost.

Professional Orlando Fl Painters’ Service or DIY Job?

So what are the ultimate advantages of hiring professional painters in Orlando Fl to handle the paint job for you?

  • Top skill – Your house interior painting may become a complicated job until you have relevant skill to perform it properly. Even if you are familiar in painting work, you are less likely to get quality results that professional Orlando Fl painters can ensure with their top skill and hard efforts.
  • Surface preparation work and site clean up – What most of the Orlando homeowners do not understand is the charming effect of the interior paint becomes more visible with perfect preparation of the surface and the site clean up work. It is the professional Orlando Fl painters who care to give proper attention to surface preparation and site clean up to leave you with an impressive paint work all the time.
  • Special insight and deep expertise– You need to make the right choice while looking to carry out interior painting in your Orlando home. It is always advantageous to have a trained and experienced paint specialist to review your wall condition, give suggestions, advice and options when it comes to get the perfect paint result in this situation.
  • High quality paint and tools – You won’t be able to accomplish interior paint with a fine touch and look unless there are high-quality paint supplies and tools. However, Orlando Fl painters come equipped with high-quality paint and tools that make your job fast, easier, effective and affordable.

Take the Right Decision

Now that you realize the ultimate benefits of hiring trained professional Orlando Fl painters you need to take the decision fast. Steve Johnson’s Painting Service is a  famous name in painting services. When it comes to custom paint your home with care and attention in Orlando beyond there is hardly any name to consider than Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. With more than 28 years of experience in industrial and commercial painting, our painters in Orlando Fl are going to deliver perfection and fineness in paint work that you will like and appreciate. Contact the professional painters in Orlando Fl of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service and start with high-quality paint work done to the best of your satisfaction.