The Importance Of Surface Preparation Before Painting A Wall

Surface preparation is time-taking but skipping it wouldn’t do any good to the overall painting work. The strength of any painting coat relies on complete & meticulous preparation of the surface prior to painting. The surface must be smooth and even. Any holes and cracks or any other flaws don’t allow the paint stick properly to the surface. Insufficient surface preparation results in the majority of paint letdowns.


Surface preparation methods differ according to the type of surfaces. You cannot follow the same procedure for interior and exterior surfaces. Similarly, it’d differ considering whether it’s fresh painting or repainting. In the event of repainting, it’s not essential to take off the entire, existing paint layer, but to take out all loose flakes. Painting over the cracked pieces can result in peeling off of the old paint along with the new one.


Wall cleaning:


Interior walls may look clean from the outside, but every wall generally has dust, dirt, and black spots. Fungi grow on moisture detained walls or poorly maintained ones. These impurities mayn’t be noticeable, but they’re generally present on the wall. They limit the ability of the coating to stick to the wall completely. Therefore, cleaning the walls prior to painting is a vital step.


Fixing wall dampness:


Looking for dampness in the wall is another crucial step. Wet & blemished patches on the wall signify the existence of moisture. Bacteria find their abode in surface irregularities such as gaps, small holes, and hairline cracks. Bacteria present on the wall can pollute the room atmosphere & cause dramatic health problems. So the gaps should be filled & smoothed using sanding paper.




Primer helps veil the dark surfaces & patched regions. Applying a coat of primer helps the surface appear even in shade. Furthermore, priming boosts the lifespan of paint, as it aids in adhesion on to the surface.


A complete wall surface preparation work includes cleaning, repairing, patching, sanding, masking and priming. Each surface preparation technique is employed for different reasons & holds its unique significance. Meticulously applying every step will offer a well-prepared surface and eventually a wonderfully done painting work.


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