Top 4 Living Room Paint Color Trends

Deciding on the ideal living room paint colours can be a big challenge for most homeowners. Especially since it’s the room in your house that acts as a social space where you bond with your loved ones and entertain guests. 

To make things a little less complicated, we have interviewed one of the best interior painters in Orlando FL and asked him about the best living room paint colors:

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Black, white and powder blue:

Of course, the classic mixture of white and black has been one of the most lasting living room colour schemes through the ages. But you can offer it a revitalizing twist by incorporating a rich powder blue shade to the mix. 

Consider painting the walls a crisp powder blue colour to match with white and black furnishing in your living room. Also you can integrate shades of blue through living room accessories such as rugs, pillows, and decorative objects. 

Rouge & cream:

As far as living room colour ideas are concerned, lighter shades of beige, white and cream are often very popular for good reason as they help make any room look brighter and bigger. If you are opting for a creamy interior, make your living room to standout by incorporating red details to the space. 

Add crimson accents such as side chairs, cushion, textiles and pillow. Finish off with warm golden details and your living room colour scheme will look bold yet elegant. 

Faded pink:

Whether you like it or not, pink makes for fascinating living room colour ideas of late. A faded, muted pink is an excellent way to incorporate a little feminine touch to a living room, which you can bring in through patterned couches, chairs, pillows, and layered rugs. 

As the faded pink is also a flexible colour, you can pick any colour to pair with it. If you wish a sophisticated and elegant feel, pair it with either cream or white with pops or graphic black. 

Mint green & pink:

Mint green & pink make for the ideal living room colours for making a calm, cool, and alluring living room area. These pastel shades are fresh & emit a cozy and warm feeling in any space. 

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