How the Interior Paint Selection Can Affect Home Sales

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So you have decided to sell your Orlando home! There Are innumerable factors involved in the sale of a home, and color & quality of the paint might play a decisive role in this process. Listed below are the top do’s & don’ts of interior painting choices.

Do: Light blue bathrooms:

As per Zillow, buyers are keen to pay 1.6 percent more for a bathroom that has light blue walls. Clean colors such as light yellow, gray, or off white are good bathroom colors.

Do: Gray living rooms:

With quiet & neutral tones, prospective homebuyers can envisage themselves dwelling in a home where the paint can be easily adjusted as per their taste and liking. Other decent options are light yellow, light green, and white. 

Do: Dark blue bedrooms:

For bedrooms blue is an excellent option, and homebuyers claimed they’d pay $1,491 more for it. A dark and deep shade of blue fosters a comfortable, laidback feel, and can be a change from other neutral rooms in the home.

Don’t: Green kitchens:

Though green is a fascinating color, homebuyers generally don’t like green in their cooking space. Homebuyers claimed to offer $1,830 less for a house with a kitchen painted green. Other shades you want to ignore are yellow and red. In the kitchen, you must stick to neutrals!

Don’t: Bright green bathrooms:

While light blue bathrooms are highly appreciated by buyers, bright green bathrooms may cause revulsion, and once again it’s advocated to get your bathroom painted in neutral colors for calming purposes. Other colors you want to steer clear of are bright pink, bright yellow, bright red, as they can look childish.

Don’t: Blue living rooms:

Though blue is a highly recommended and laidback hue when applied in the bedroom, but for the living room, it lowers the home price significantly. Other shades you must ignore are bright yellow, bright green and pink.

If you are desperate to improve the overall value of your home and property, it makes sense to apply a new coat of paint to both the interior and exterior of your home. Painting is the most practical solution for homeowners who wish to increase their property value and make their home ready for sale. A new paint job can spice up your old space and transform it into a desirable exterior and interior.

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