What Are Your Color Options for Painting Your Baby’s Nursery?

Generally speaking, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to home decor. What sofa style should I get? What dining table size do I need? And if you are expecting a child, you have perhaps given some thought to what colour you will paint the nursery.

As per color psychologists, using particular nursery colors, for example, bright yellow or red can affect babies’ sleep patterns, moods, and even how much they eat? Color can truly transform the interior of a room significantly and for babies, you preferably wish to pick a color on the spectrum that is equal parts calm, peace and nurturing.


When it comes to red as a nursery paint color, there is both good & bad news. In many studies, red has been shown to improve athletic capability. It is also revitalizing. But at the same time, red can augment aggression, cause headaches, and make concentrating tougher to do. It is recommended to steer clear of red across all the walls, but some red accents in a nursery usually work pretty well.


Orange is warm and comforting, which can evoke communication. However, like red, orange is best used in smaller quantities in a nursery.


Yellow is cheerful, but bright yellows can be disturbing to a baby. Softer yellows inspire focus and can be an excellent balancing color. Like orange and red, yellow is a fantastic nursery color when applied in moderation.


Soothing and calming by nature, green forms a tranquil environment where thinking and focus are encouraged. It is found everywhere in nature, and lends itself well to adorning all sorts of rooms, encompassing nurseries. You can use it as a main color in a nursery, or use it to palliate some of the more energizing colors such as yellow.


Gray encourages thought, contemplation, and sentiment, but often reminds of gloominess and isolation. For a baby’s nursery, make use of a warm tone blended with brighter colors.

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