What Are Your Color Options for Painting Your Baby’s Nursery?

Generally speaking, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to home decor. What sofa style should I get? What dining table size do I need? And if you are expecting a child, you have perhaps given some thought to what colour you will paint the nursery.

As per color psychologists, using particular nursery colors, for example, bright yellow or red can affect babies’ sleep patterns, moods, and even how much they eat? Color can truly transform the interior of a room significantly and for babies, you preferably wish to pick a color on the spectrum that is equal parts calm, peace and nurturing.


When it comes to red as a nursery paint color, there is both good & bad news. In many studies, red has been shown to improve athletic capability. It is also revitalizing. But at the same time, red can augment aggression, cause headaches, and make concentrating tougher to do. It is recommended to steer clear of red across all the walls, but some red accents in a nursery usually work pretty well.


Orange is warm and comforting, which can evoke communication. However, like red, orange is best used in smaller quantities in a nursery.


Yellow is cheerful, but bright yellows can be disturbing to a baby. Softer yellows inspire focus and can be an excellent balancing color. Like orange and red, yellow is a fantastic nursery color when applied in moderation.


Soothing and calming by nature, green forms a tranquil environment where thinking and focus are encouraged. It is found everywhere in nature, and lends itself well to adorning all sorts of rooms, encompassing nurseries. You can use it as a main color in a nursery, or use it to palliate some of the more energizing colors such as yellow.


Gray encourages thought, contemplation, and sentiment, but often reminds of gloominess and isolation. For a baby’s nursery, make use of a warm tone blended with brighter colors.

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Top Trending Wall Colors For 2022

Are you looking to revamp your Orlando home? If yes, then the best thing you can do to revamp your home is add some flashy colors. Selecting the right wall color is the most important decision when it comes to decorating your home.

Wall colors are an important aspect of the decor and can play a big role in the visual appeal of any room. So, let’s talk about the trending & top wall colors for 2022.

Earthly Tones:

Let’s begin with some browns, the go-to colors when it comes to interior wall painting. Along with nature-inspired hues & lush greens, these colors take centre stage. These pastoral shades present a natural look to the interiors and are ideal for homeowners who want simple vibes in their homes.

Shades such as sand, cocoa and even chocolate feature the same natural touch. At the same time, colors such as rust, terra-cotta red, burgundy and some deep red shades boast a more eternal feel to the visual of your walls.

Vibrant Vogue:

Bold colors have always been in the trend. Bright colors are professed as bright because of their hues. When you incorporate warm & bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow, it naturally adds up the whole room’s lighting.

Blooming Blues:

No other colors have got more of a soothing effect than blue? It injects new life to your interior décor in an unbelievable way. Calming tones of blue fosters a sense of serenity, especially those which are effective in spaces where you can unwind. Blue colors are also widely used in study rooms or office spaces and are critical in enhancing productivity.

Warm White:

Whites have always been the classic option for nearly everything. They look clean & minimal and appear perfect without much styling. Whites are a big yes, when it comes to wall colors.

Whether you want an aesthetic coastal look or a beautiful boho look, with white you will never go wrong. The soothing and refreshing warm white infuses a refined look when supplemented with wooden furnishing and a few unique decors. And if you like creating masterworks, start painting over your seamless white canvas!

Wall colors are an important aspect of the decor and play a big role in the visual appeal of a room. If you are not sure which wall colors to opt with, our interior house painters in Orlando can help. Feel free to call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service at +1 (407) 679 0111!

How the Interior Paint Selection Can Affect Home Sales

So you have decided to sell your Orlando home! There Are innumerable factors involved in the sale of a home, and color & quality of the paint might play a decisive role in this process. Listed below are the top do’s & don’ts of interior painting choices.

Do: Light blue bathrooms:

As per Zillow, buyers are keen to pay 1.6 percent more for a bathroom that has light blue walls. Clean colors such as light yellow, gray, or off white are good bathroom colors.

Do: Gray living rooms:

With quiet & neutral tones, prospective homebuyers can envisage themselves dwelling in a home where the paint can be easily adjusted as per their taste and liking. Other decent options are light yellow, light green, and white. 

Do: Dark blue bedrooms:

For bedrooms blue is an excellent option, and homebuyers claimed they’d pay $1,491 more for it. A dark and deep shade of blue fosters a comfortable, laidback feel, and can be a change from other neutral rooms in the home.

Don’t: Green kitchens:

Though green is a fascinating color, homebuyers generally don’t like green in their cooking space. Homebuyers claimed to offer $1,830 less for a house with a kitchen painted green. Other shades you want to ignore are yellow and red. In the kitchen, you must stick to neutrals!

Don’t: Bright green bathrooms:

While light blue bathrooms are highly appreciated by buyers, bright green bathrooms may cause revulsion, and once again it’s advocated to get your bathroom painted in neutral colors for calming purposes. Other colors you want to steer clear of are bright pink, bright yellow, bright red, as they can look childish.

Don’t: Blue living rooms:

Though blue is a highly recommended and laidback hue when applied in the bedroom, but for the living room, it lowers the home price significantly. Other shades you must ignore are bright yellow, bright green and pink.

If you are desperate to improve the overall value of your home and property, it makes sense to apply a new coat of paint to both the interior and exterior of your home. Painting is the most practical solution for homeowners who wish to increase their property value and make their home ready for sale. A new paint job can spice up your old space and transform it into a desirable exterior and interior.

Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service if you are looking for a highly professional house Painter in Orlando FL. We specialize in interior painting and have the skill to transform the interior of your home through our seamless painting job and make it ready for sale.

Why Do You Consider Interior Paint Job for Your Home?

Are you ready to give a refreshing look to your home? But don’t know where to start? You should get started with an interior house painting project in Orlando. Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home interior can change the overall look of your interior space with minimal effort. This is where professional Orlando interior painters come in handy. Read on to learn about the reasons behind considering interior painting today.

Eliminates dust and grime

Have you updated the walls of your home? If yes, you may find lots of dust and grime buildup. You can consider cleaning them. But doing it regularly can be a bit difficult as you’ve to cover more surface area. That’s why it’s better to refresh your wall with a new coat of paint to give them a sparkling look they deserve. It will protect your walls against moisture and dirt.

Adds personality and character

You should remember that you don’t need to choose neutral colors for your home interior. If you’re confused about ideas, an interior painter in Orlando will give you inspirational ideas on popular options.

You can use accent colors like dark green, orange, blue and pink on a wall in a room. You should go bold and make sure you commit to your decision with a plan to coordinate the space very well.

Hides stains and marks

Walls get marks and stains over time. They become really hard to remove, especially if you’ve kids. If this is the case, you can eliminate them by applying a fresh coat of paint.

If you don’t want to change the color of your home, there are so many ways available to find the matching color. Take a photo and discuss with your Orlando interior painters. It’s highly suggested to work with a responsible painting contractor. They have necessary expertise and expertise to help you identify the right color for your space.

Improves mood

However, painting the interior space of your home will help you improve your mood. It’s because you’re transforming your home into a beautiful space and you’ll be choosing your favorite colors you enjoy the most.

Makes the spaces appear larger or smaller

One of the main reasons why you should choose an interior paint job is its ability to change the perception of a room’s size. If you opt for light paint colors like white and beige, it will be a lot easier for the light to reflect on the surface. This means it can make your small room larger when the light enters the surface.

In addition, you can make the space appear smaller or comfier. You may know that many homes with open plan layouts have dark paint colors for an accent wall or around the bottom half of the wall. These tips will help the space look more welcoming.

Bottom Line –

When you choose interior painting, you’ll be able to refresh your space. If you are ready to work with Orlando interior painters without doing endless search, feel free to schedule a consultation with Steve Johnson’s Painting Service today. We’ll get back to you with a detailed and transparent estimate without hidden cost. Contact us today and rejuvenate your home interior in the best way possible.

Is Costly House Paint Worth The Investment?

Whether you are painting your living room, bedroom or kitchen, the cost of house paint can range substantially, leaving homeowners to ponder how to pick the correct paint for painting their walls. Should you save money and opt for the cheapest paint available, or should you spend more bucks on the most expensive paint option. 

What you need to know about cheaper paint?

Cheaper paints are cost-effective, and that may look like a bonus. But it is likely to be an upfront bonus. That is because cheaper paints usually require that you purchase more quantity of it. Cheap paint usually has a lower solid content, which decreases the ability of the paint to provide proper coverage. You will end up having to purchase more paint to acquire a more uniform coverage on the wall. Or else, you will be left with jagged patches. 

What you need to know about quality and expensive paint?

The more expensive paints will provide better coverage for sure than the cheaper ones. It is critical to understand that paint is made up of pigment, solvent, and binder. The solvent dispels as the paint dries, and the binder and pigment stay, with the binder holding the pigment together. The pigment and binders are the solids in a container of paint, and the more that’s present, the better coverage you will have on your walls. 

The need for more expensive paint becomes even stronger when you are painting on a dark colour with a clear base, in contrast to a white base found in lighter colours. A clear base found in darker colours is tougher to paint on. You will end up requiring to use possibly 3 or more layers of costly paint to avail a smooth, even, nice coverage on your wall. That may look like a lot, but when considering that it could take 9 coats of cheap paints to accomplish the same outcome, it becomes pretty clear that in the case of house paint, the costlier, the better. 

When you consider the value of time, costly paints come out to be the best again. It can take many hours a day to let a coat of paint dry. If you are using a quality paint with more solids, you will just require a few coats of paint. 

At Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, our interior painters in Orlando FL take pride in using quality paint and advanced techniques to provide our clients durable and beautiful finishes. Call us on +1 (407) 679 0111 for an estimate!