Is Costly House Paint Worth The Investment?

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Whether you are painting your living room, bedroom or kitchen, the cost of house paint can range substantially, leaving homeowners to ponder how to pick the correct paint for painting their walls. Should you save money and opt for the cheapest paint available, or should you spend more bucks on the most expensive paint option. 

What you need to know about cheaper paint?

Cheaper paints are cost-effective, and that may look like a bonus. But it is likely to be an upfront bonus. That is because cheaper paints usually require that you purchase more quantity of it. Cheap paint usually has a lower solid content, which decreases the ability of the paint to provide proper coverage. You will end up having to purchase more paint to acquire a more uniform coverage on the wall. Or else, you will be left with jagged patches. 

What you need to know about quality and expensive paint?

The more expensive paints will provide better coverage for sure than the cheaper ones. It is critical to understand that paint is made up of pigment, solvent, and binder. The solvent dispels as the paint dries, and the binder and pigment stay, with the binder holding the pigment together. The pigment and binders are the solids in a container of paint, and the more that’s present, the better coverage you will have on your walls. 

The need for more expensive paint becomes even stronger when you are painting on a dark colour with a clear base, in contrast to a white base found in lighter colours. A clear base found in darker colours is tougher to paint on. You will end up requiring to use possibly 3 or more layers of costly paint to avail a smooth, even, nice coverage on your wall. That may look like a lot, but when considering that it could take 9 coats of cheap paints to accomplish the same outcome, it becomes pretty clear that in the case of house paint, the costlier, the better. 

When you consider the value of time, costly paints come out to be the best again. It can take many hours a day to let a coat of paint dry. If you are using a quality paint with more solids, you will just require a few coats of paint. 

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