6 Common Painting Mistakes DIYers Make

A fresh coat of paint can infuse life to your tired looking interior. You must hire a professional Orlando painting contractor to ensure the job is done right and to steer clear of the worries that usually come along with painting. However, if you are a DIYer, it is essential that you should know about the common mistakes that people usually make while painting their home.

Applying paint on a soiled surface:

It’s critical to clean the ceiling or walls prior to applying paint on them. They mayn’t appear like they require washing; but they do. Paint looks better when applied on a clean surface. Even small dust particles can hinder in producing the best outcomes.

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Applying paint on an unprepared surface:

Flaking paint should be taken off, and a shiny surface should be scrapped prior to applying a fresh coat of paint. Or else, the paint will not offer the best coverage, and it won’t stick well.

Leaving fixtures exposed:

Prior to painting, cover light fixtures, doorknobs, and anything else inside the home except the surface you have to paint. You don’t wish to end up with paint scattered wall plates or doorknobs.

Painting a damp surface:

It is critical that you keep your painting surface dry. After cleaning walls, leave ample time for them to dry out properly. If the water is moist, give even more time to accelerate the dry out process. Issues prompted by painting on a damp surface include peeling & blistering of the paint.

Not using primer:

Primer offers your paint a solid surface to stick with, and it boosts the appearance of the fresh paint applied on the walls. Primer is particularly critical if you are repainting on a different, darker shade or f there’re blemishes on the walls.

Employing the incorrect tools:

There’re times when a simpler roller is your best tool, and there’re times when it is wise to make use of a paintbrush. There’re several different types of paintbrushes available, and it is wise to make your investment on the best kind of brush for the surface you are painting & the kind of paint you are using.

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong with a paint project. Again, the best way to avoid committing such mistakes is to leave your house’s interior paint job to the best Orlando Painting Contractor. To talk about your painting project, feel free to call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. We work with homeowners to execute their interior painting ideas, interior color schemes, and interior painting cost in a synchronized manner. For more details contact us at +1 (407) 679 0111 and you can also email us at steve@otowninteriors.com

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