Expert Tips for Interior House Painting in Winter Season

When it comes to interior painting, usually people assume that it should be done during the spring and summer months. But you will be surprised to know that there are several benefits of carrying out interior painting in the winter months. Why? Because during the winter months there is less humidity and hence your paint will dry comparatively faster and better in the colder months.

We at O Town Interiors is one of the leading interior house painters in Orlando, have brought you some of the best expert tips for interior house painting for the winter season.

Interior House Painters Orlando

Prepare Your Space Well

When you are planning for giving your home’s interior a fresh and new look by carrying out interior painting, it is crucial for you to take ample time to prepare your space to be re-colored. It will help you make the interior painting job smooth and easier. Our expert interior painters in Orlando Fl often suggest our clients carry out the following things:

Get your surfaces cleaned and free from dust and dirt. We understand that you are eager to begin interior painting however, removing dust and dirt from your surface can ensure a smooth surface.

Keep the protection materials in place.

Once you have cleaned up your surfaces, take a look at some products to protect the surface:

  • Drop cloths for protecting your furniture and floors
  • Surface protection board that works well for hard surfaces such as countertops and floors
  • Masking film and masking paper for windows, doors, and cabinets

Begin With Ceiling

As far as painting a large interior space is concerned, it is obvious to feel overwhelmed and not understanding from where to begin! But as one of the most reputable interior painters in Orlando Fl, we can help you plan your home interior painting project efficiently. We understand that dripping, spilling, and splattering are an inevitable part of any painting job, therefore we carry out the job in the correct order. We begin with painting the ceiling first, then the walls and the trim at the end. And if you want to get your floor painted, we can carry it out at the last.

Even Strokes

For large spaces and walls, we always use a roller. By using an extension pole we also speed up your paint project dramatically. For ensuring to offer you a smooth and even surface we make sure to:

  • Cover the roller with paint completely before beginning.
  • Remove all excess paint for avoiding drips.
  • While using the roller to apply paint we follow the same pattern throughout and the most common pattern we follow is in the shape of an “M” or “W”. We fill in the left-out areas without lifting the roller to ensure consistent and smooth painting.
  • Once we are done painting the entire area, we carefully pick the roller up so that no mark is left on the surface. Then we re-apply the paint on the roller, move to other unpainted areas, and repeat the process.

After all the painting job is done, we allow the paint to dry completely which often takes 24 hours. And at the end, we clean up all the mess and properly dispose of the paint wash out.

So if you want your home to get a new and fresh look, and looking for interior house painters in Orlando FL, then contact us today!

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